Putting My Experience to Work

As your City Councilor my top priorities would be common sense tax policies, ensuring our digital ecosystem is competitive and has the adequate infrastructure to adapt to our growing community,  and that any commercial growth be an asset to to Corcoran and not be a tax burden upon residents.  I also want to ensure that law enforcement is adequately staffed and can continue to provide community outreach services that make Corcoran a wonderful place to live.

I manage the midwest operations for a technology company that gives me a unique vantage point to help guide the city through a digital maze adapting to a new world.  My job requires that I listen carefully to my customers, take their concerns into consideration, and then create a plan 

This puts me in the best possible position to give the city guidance on transforming the operating model. We need to adopt cost effective solutions to reduce spending and make local government accessible and efficient.

We are also small business owners. Managing the business has given our family the ability to relate to the challenges faced by the business community. We believe Corcoran has a lot of work to do to help our local businesses and I promise to champion that cause.


I am currently a reserve police officer with Corcoran. I have had the unique opportunity to speak with many residents within this community and want to make their concerns heard. Effective Law Enforcement is a divisive topic in our country and I believe I can bridge that gap.

Most importantly, I believe my mindset of service first will bring a positive change to the Corcoran City Council.