My name is Manoj Mathew Thomas and I am passionate about serving my community. I love engaging with people, listening to varying opinions, and finding creative solutions to achieve good results.   I am fortunate to have opportunities to reach out and connect with my community as a Corcoran Reserve Police Officer, volunteer at my church (St. Anne's in Hamel), and in my role with the City Charter Committee. 

Growing up, my family moved around a lot and I loved the experiences I had to interact with communities both big and small. I moved to Minnesota in 2004 have lived in Plymouth, Minnetonka, Hopkins and St Louis Park before settling in Corcoran.   This city has been a wonderful home for my wife and I to raise our three children and I am excited to be part of why Corcoran is a prosperous and thriving community.  


I am a first generation American who has worked hard and invested in my own education to create my own success. My career started at Target as a Business Analyst in 2004. After various career stops at Target, Best Buy and Walmart, I am currently the Director of Sales for LatentView Analytics (a technology start-up). I use my career and platform to help others who are willing to invest in themselves and for their career advancement.

My wife runs a faith-based mental health counseling center that specializes in caring for families and children who are impacted by Autism. Her experience running a small business has cemented my belief that the business owners who fuel positive community growth are critical for cities like Corcoran.

The city council in Corcoran will be faced with many critical issues around residential and commercial development, revenue management, community programs, and individual well-being. I believe at this cross roads we need a new perspective from someone who can challenge the status quo. We need the strength to open up new possibilities to help our families. As your city councilor I will leverage both my professional expertise and my volunteer experience  to develop solid, innovative solutions for Corcoran.