The focus of this election should not be on the WHO (should win your vote) but on WHAT (they should do for you). The focus of the council  needs to be the residents and the small businesses that sustain this city. Every 2 years we place our trust in the same group of people. There has been no effective change to policies or practices over the last 18 years. 

I am running to change this and be your voice on the council.  My top priorities are


Restoring the faith of the residents in local government

City hall has over the years morphed into a self indulging organization that has shown a lack of empathy for citizens. The culture should emphasize service and every elected official and staff should be a servant leader.  With power to govern comes the responsibility  to serve. I promise to be your partner in city hall


Fiscal responsibility in City spending

The Comprehensive plan has envisioned a transformation of Corcoran that doesn't take into account the fabric of the city. Misguided priorities  and a faulty narrative will translate into utter chaos for our city. Residents end up footing the bill for these decisions and this needs to be re-evaluated. A complete overhaul of the strategy is essential to preserve our city.  

Build a thriving business community in Corcoran

The city has convinced itself that adding roofs in Corcoran is the only way to bring in commercial partners to Corcoran.  The outdated report and its tainted logic have left very little scope for innovation, initiative or results. We have to review the comprehensive plan to update it for a different approach. Invest and aim at incremental success, take affirmative action to ensure commercial zoned land is developed and we have a business friendly ecosystem for our business community to succeed. 

Drive Self Sufficiency in Corcoran

The council has approved grand projects like Ravinia, Tavera, MI Homes and others in Corcoran without a clear vision on adding essential infrastructure to support this growth. The city has consistently shown that they are at the mercy of developers who offer considerations to the city for variances. We need to look at our public infrastructure closely. I will drive the evaluation that considers the need of the city, will of the residents and our future vision. We will carve a game plan that we all of us can get behind and be proud off.

Manoj Thomas

- FOR City Council -

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6552 Carriage Way
Corcoran, MN - 55340